Equine Fine Art

Looking for a way to capture the essence and beauty of your equine partner? There's no better piece for your wall than an equine blackout shot. Book an equine blackout session with me today!

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Black Out Sessions

30-45 minute session with one equine

Starting at $175
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How do I prepare for a blackout session?

Have your horse bathed, clipped or groomed and shining before the session! Also clean any tack (bridles, halters, etc.) that will be featured in your photos!

What color tack/equipment works best for black out shoots?

Plain leather and simple colors work best, like a black or brown leather or rope halter. For bridles, a flashy brown band will stand out. If you do chose colored equipment, pick colors that will accent your horse best. Please ensure any nylon or rope is clean.

What do I need to bring to the session?

Any type of food/treat motivator that can be used to help get your horse's attention and keep them content during the shoot. Be sure not to reveal until the shoot has started! I will bring my toolbox of items that help with getting ears forward and attention, but if you have any items you know will catch your horse's eye, please bring them.