A Digital Dilemma

I love the convenience of digital images. Digital has made sharing and enjoying images online so much easier. It reduces waste, and images that don’t meet quality standards can be deleted right away. You view your images right in the camera and can delete and retake them if needed.  All of this is great! However, digital has also done us a disservice. It makes us complacent; we delay choosing and printing the ones we love.  

I’m guilty of this too! I often wait, but technology changes, hard drives crash, USB’s get lost, digital image quality deteriorates. (I’ve learned this the hard way!)

People need to print their images! There is something so special about a good quality print. Being able to look at a framed image and remember that moment is wonderful. Thumbing through an album, revisiting the past, sharing moments with family and friends - these things can’t be achieved without that print. 

Enjoy your images the way the photographer intended, in your hand, on a wall, or in an album! Take a minute, choose your images, and order those prints! You won’t regret it!